Math Anxiety

If you’ve ever had a terrible feeling when doing math, in math class, or while taking a math quiz, you should know that it’s not just you that’s experiencing this. Math anxiety is a real thing that is different from other subjects. Math anxiety is specific for the subject of mathematics because the subject is arguably the most focused intelligence found in any school subject, free from subjective teaching and biased learning. Math is only facts, which is why some students have math anxiety.

You might have math anxiety if you experience a feeling of tension while attempting math that limits your ability to think clearly and solve militarywatchguru.com problems. Researchers have even put together three domains (ironic because domain is a mathematical term) that categorize math anxiety more specifically.

Social Domain

The social domain is involved in the math anxiety formula through its effect on a person by extension of their friends, family, and even society. Students feel pressured to succeed by their peers and as a result are plagued by math anxiety.

Intellectual Domain

This domain is what happens when students feel pressured by what they are expected to learn. In other words, this is the fear that arises on test day when students are worrying about their notes and formulas in their head for the last time before assessing their knowledge by means of a quiz or other form of testing.

Psychological Domain

This particular domain is formed by nature. If the individual in question has faced an emotional past of some sort, this is likely the cause of their math anxiety.

There is a lot of evidence that those who are successful in their math studies at an early age will be more confident later on in their lives with respect to more advanced math classes and will often do better than other students as a result. This is more proof that a child’s educational development in early years is extremely important. However, if you are no longer a child and want to get better at math, it’s definitely possible for you to improve in your adolescence, adulthood, or even if you are older. The most obvious, but truest advice is to practice math problems frequently, much more often than most people. Multiple times a day would be preferable. Don’t give up if you’re not mathematically gifted yet, it’s possible to get better and gain the gift.

Reasons to Learn Italian

Italy is a beautiful country, the Italians are a wonderful people, Italian food is among the tastiest in the world. And the Italian is a language extremely pleasant to the ears. Reasons to learn Italian, so it is not lacking.

But there is even more reason for anyone to learn Italian. The Italian immigration in Brazil and the influence of this culture in our country are only two of them. In addition, there are several ways to learn online Italian alone. In this article, we will show the top five reasons to learn Italian.

1. It is easier for us

Italian, and Portuguese, developed from Latin. Thus, there are many similarities between the two languages, both in grammar and in vocabulary. Learn Italian and a large door is also open to other Latin languages such as Spanish, French, Catalan, Romanian, among others. In addition, you can learn Italian alone and online.

2. Our sources

About 30 million Brazilians have Italian ancestry, descendants of about 1.5 million Italian immigrants who arrived in Brazil between 1870 and 1960. Nearly 15% of the population, or one in seven people has Italian ancestors. Taking Italy, Brazil is the country with the largest number of world Italian descent. Learn Italian is to contact not only with the Italian culture, but with the history of Brazil and often their own family.

3. The food

Italian cuisine is one of the tastiest and most influential in the world. In Brazil, the pizza is a tradition enjoyed by all, regardless of ancestry. But not only live the pizza buco and tiramisuare among some of the many specialties. By learning Italian, you will much easier to master this wonderful universe. Also, if you ever go to Italy, you will have the opportunity to find and buy everything you need for the dishes (some say that the secret is in the quality of the ingredients).

4. Inheritance

But not only is the Italian food that influenced life in Brazil. With so many oriundi (name given to the children of Italians born abroad), it is natural that the language and the Italian culture have also left their marks. The influence is evident in traditional Italian neighborhoods of São Paulo, as Mooca and Bixiga. It is in Bixiga, for example, held the feast of Our Lady of Achiropita. Every year, during the weekend of August, the community gathers for a party with music, dance and typical Italian food. The way we say goodbye is also another example. Our “bye” is nothing more than an adaptation of “ciao” Italian (the difference is that they use the same word also to give “hi”).

5. More than two thousand years of culture

Italy, in addition to being a country of beautiful landscapes, has a rich history of more than two thousand years. The Roman Empire, even, is considered one of the cradles of what we know as Western civilization. Furthermore, Italy is also the homeland of many artists from various fields, such as opera, visual arts, literature, best balance bikes for toddlers, among many others. To experience and learn more about this very rich culture, nothing like learning Italian.